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Welcome to 1900 Triathlon - Swimming School

The swimming school in Aarhus 1900 Triathlon is a new concept for children aged 5-10 who want to learn to swim and perhaps in the long term go to triathlon. The swimming school is divided by age into 4 different teams with learning goals for each team.  - see further descriptions below

The aim of the swimming school is to get more children to be active and experience the joy of water activities and triathlon. With swimming as the primary focus, we will create asolid foundationwith children's swimming, which ensures that your child moves safely in the water element. 

The aim of the swimming school and its structure is for the children to acquire technical swimming skills and master all elements of swimming, including the four styles of crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and fly. After the last level in the swimming school, there will be an opportunity for onenatural transition to Aarhus 1900Tri - Youth,there is the club's youth department with young people aged 12-19.

The swimming skills are acquired in all teams primarily throughthe playful element, and with community and  social cohesion in focus.

OFFER for all parents: What should you spend the time on when your child is at swimming? In the swimming school, we like to see that the parents do not sit on the sidelines during training, but either wait in the changing room or take advantage of the parental swimming offer we have, where you can squeeze in the day's exercise in the middle lane of the pool, while your own child is swimming.  

Read about our swimming team further down the page.



Ingrid Kyed Jensen

For questions regarding the swimming school, contact Ingrid. 

M: +45 20 52 37 27


Team descriptions and milestones

1900tri's children's swimming works withthe 4 basic skillsin swimming:  

  • Element change

To change controlled from one element to another according to activities in water.

  • Breathing

To have effective, rhythmic and controlled breathing in relation to activities in water.

  • Balance

To be able to maintain and control the balance in relation to activities in water.

  • Progress

To control movements in order to create propulsion or support/roll/rotation in relation to activities in water.

In the team descriptions for the individual teams, you can read about the specific goals within each skill,

which we are working towards achieving before the end of the season. 


The sub-goals have been prepared based on the 4 basic skills and the 13 self-rescue steps. 

Especially in the two youngest teams - tadpoles and shrimps - there is a focus on water sensing, which is taught using

basic games and movements based on the 4 basic skills. 

The learning on the children's teams takes place primarily through play, but will also - as the level develops - implement swimming with a plate and combined technical swimming.


Swimming fins/swimming belt:

Movement in water is important for children to learn to swim. In generalrestricts swimming finsfreedom of movement, and can make it more difficult for children to participate in games and activities. Therefore, in Aarhus 1900tri's swimming school, we instead recommend that the children swim alongswimming belt, if they are unsafe near the water in the smallest groups.


NOTE: We reserve the right to change the times and composition of teams in the swimming school, depending on the number of registrations for the various teams. The final team schedule will be sent out to those registered in the week leading up to the start of the season. 

Joint running/triathlon training across the teams

Twice during the season, a joint training is held across all the teams in the swimming school, where we meet in the club's clubhouse at Observatoriestien 1, 8000 Aarhus and do running games and other fun triathlon training. Children of all ages can join and the dates for this season are:

- Saturday 4 March 2023 at 11.00-12.30

- Saturday 6 May 2023 at 11.00-12.30

We gather at 11.00 with warm and active clothes, and do a lot of fun activities until 12.00, after which there is a shared packed lunch inside our clubhouse together with our youth department, who have finished their Saturday training at that time as well.

Please note that the regular Saturday afternoon swimming is canceled on these dates. 

Tadpoles (LThursday from 15.00-15.45)

The tadpoles are the first team in our swimming school. The children are usually around here5-6 yearsold.  

Acclimatization to water and the movement in a swimming pool will be a major focus for the tadpole team, since it is the first time the children go swimming. The tadpoles love to play and be in water.  

At the end of the season, the tadpoles can: 

  • Have your head under water

  • Blow bubbles with your mouth

  • Spray water with the mouth

  • Jump/jump into the water from the edge

  • Rocket launch from the edge on the back

  • Float on your back without a belt

  • Swim 10 m back crawl legs with plate

Sign up here. 

Shrimp (Saturday from 3.45 p.m-16.30) 

The shrimps are the 2nd children's team in our swimming school. Here are the children around6-8 yearsand have tried swimming or are familiar with being in a swimming pool.  

The shrimp must become even better at handling themselves in water, and they must become comfortable staying in the water - with and without aids to stay aloft.  

On the shrimp team, we are slowly starting to learn back crawling, but will still have a primary focus on learning through play.  

At the end of the season, the shrimp can: 

  • Head jump from the edge, squatting

  • Rocket launch on the belly underwater

  • Stomach to back

  • Drop a coal bucket into the water

  • Swimming crawl and back crawl legs with plate

  • Swim 15 m back crawl w. calm head

  • Tell about the 5 bathing tips and what they mean.

Sign up here.

Penguin (Saturday from 15.45-16.30) 

The penguins are the 3rd children's team in our swimming school. Here are the children around7-10 yearsold, and are familiar with back crawling. 

On the penguin team, the swimmers become even more familiar with crawling and back crawling, as well as swimming underwater (dolphin swimming). 


At the end of the season, the penguins can: 

  • Head jump standing from the edge 

  • Dive down and retrieve diving rings from the bottom 

  • Forward and backward carbon cylinders 

  • Swim compound crawl and back crawl

  • 10 m flyben 

  • Move forward sitting on plate


Register here. 


Delfin (not created in spring 2023)

The dolphins are the 4th children's team in our swimming school. Here are the children in between8-10 years, and has knowledge of both crawling, back crawling and dolphin swimming underwater. You are very comfortable in the water without aids and learn both through play but also through more swimming-specific training.  


At the end of the season, the dolphins can: 

  • Make head jumps from the high edge 

  • Lying on the bottom of the pool 

  • Float on the side with arms in streamline 

  • 15 m flying leg with plate 

  • Crawl with calm breathing

  • One-arm bow tie


Register here. 



The Alligator team is the last step before moving on in Aarhus 1900Tri - Youth. Alligators are typical10-12 yearsand slowly begins to be introduced further to the other two sports of triathlon, cycling and running.  

Register here. 

Read more about our alligator team here

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