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Below is a link to various cycle trips/rounds etc. which is most often used for the club's cycling training sessions on Wednesday and Sunday

The praying round

25.4km round where we run, among other things, the club championship in a single start

The net round

5.1km round where we often run intervals on Wednesdays

Alrø home

103.2km classic round that is sometimes run as a long trip on Sundays

Cykelbanen-Kaløvig camping

60 km out-home trip that is run for short groups on Sundays

Ajstrup round opposite

Interval round of 6km

Ajstrup round from the flat top

3.4 km hill


18 km

We encourage you to take 30 minutes of dry land training before swimming training. This training consists of flexibility exercises and can be practiced on the edge of the swimming pool. 

Linkfor good DRYLAND exercises.

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