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Elite Sports Academy Aarhus and Risskov Efterskole 

At Risskov Efterskole, young triathletes have the opportunity to practice their sport while enjoying life after school. In close collaboration with Elite Sports Akademi Aarhus (ESAA), Aarhus 1900 Triathlon and the post-secondary school, an optimal framework is created for a year of talent development, community and education.

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Risskov Efterskole has long had a successful collaboration with ESAA. Here, elite sports students can combine their sport with an after-school stay. The offer helps to create a connection between being part of a talent and elite environment and a year at post-secondary school filled with education, personal development and community.

At post-secondary school, you will be brought together with other ambitious athletes, which gives you as a young talented athlete a sporting and personal gain. At the post-secondary school, there will be training synergies and a mutual understanding of the challenges you face as a young talent. You will become part of a community where the passion for sport and after-school life can go hand in hand.

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Post-school life without compromising on your sporting development

You will be associated with an ambitious and welcoming training environment in Aarhus 1900 Triathlon, while attending Risskov Efterskole. In practice, this will mean that you will have training with the club's youth and elite, as well as two weekly morning swimming sessions during school hours, together with the local swimming club. There will also be an opportunity for extra running training with the athletics club AGF. Youth Head Coach, Marian Just Borsinski, will help you coordinate this.

A typical training week for you as an ESAA student at Risskov Efterskole will look like this

In order to be able to enter the offer, it is required that you can swim 400m in 5:30 min in a short-course pool, in addition there is a clear expectation that you have a goal of being among the best young triathletes in Denmark and are willing to make the effort for this. Also read more about Aarhus1900 Triathlon youth+ concept

Questions regarding the after-school stay can be asked

Marian Just Borsinski 

Youth head coach in Aarhus 1900 Triathlon 


M: 22454511

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