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At the beginning of 2017, we at the club drew up a new structure in the board's work. 

The board thus consists of committee chairmen, a treasurer, a deputy chairperson and a chairperson.


The committees are:


Social Committee

The purpose of the Social Committee is to ensure:

  • that the club's training offer hits the broad as well as the elite

  • that monthly social events are held, both in connection with and outside of training

  • the execution of major annual events such as Christmas lunch and summer party

  • that new members are integrated into the club

  • that new triathletes get a safe start and get ready for their first competitions




Committee Chairmen:Nina Højris


The elite committee

Aarhus 1900 Triathlon is part of the Danish Triathlon Association's official elite setup and runs the regional elite center in Jutland.


Read more about our elite team's setup and selection for the coming season 2023 HER 

An important basic idea in the establishment of the elite group is to create a strong training community that is developing, inspiring and integrative. The team's philosophy is based on the fact that we become stronger together! The quality of the training is enhanced when the athletes can spar with each other and emphasis is placed on joint training on a daily basis as well as when planning longer joint training sessions (weekends and training camps).

The elite team is selected annually in November and for a year ahead.


Albert Kjær

Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen

Katrine Græsbøll Christensen

Kristian Høgenhaug 
Kristian Hindkjær 

Line Farmer

Camilla Ottesen

Oskar Gladney

Shiva Leisner

Simon Jørn Hansen

Gustav Røn-Buskov

Oliver Uldahl

Mathias Brødsgaard

Henrik Foldager Kjærgaard

Thomas Jon Kristensen

General information about the Elite group in Aarhus 1900 Triathlon

  • Create a strong training community that is developing, inspiring and integrative.

  • Philosophy: Together we become stronger!

  • The quality of the training is increased when the athletes can spar with each other

  • The aim is to develop triathletes who can be competitive in the elite field nationally and internationally

  • In addition, inspire and pass on experiences to other triathletes in the Aarhus 1900 Triathlon

Elite sports Aarhus

  • We are supported by the foundation Eliteidræt Aarhus. Read more at

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