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Youth+ - Age-related training volume  

The training recommendations below range widely. This is because there is a big difference in how much training the individual practitioner can sustain in a busy everyday life with sports, school and friends. More is not always better. To be part of the Youth+ scheme, however, you must comply with the minimum recommendations regarding the number of training sessions. Especially in the swimming part, however, it is recommended to make a greater effort in the earlier years and not just stick to the minimum number of recommended training sessions. The purpose of progression during the years is to develop senior elite practitioners. The youth head coach will always take as a starting point the individual athlete's training experience, opportunity to train, injury history etc. 

The age group 12-13 years is recommended to swim with a local swimming club alongside the training in the triathlon club. This age group does not receive a program in TrainingPeaks and does not have to keep a diary either. 

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