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Aarhus 1900 Triathlon is one of the largest triathlon clubs in Denmark. The club offers extensive possibilities for training within the three disciplines of triathlon: Swimming, cycling and running, where a team of trainers are responsible for the planning and completion of the training. Each training session is divided based on the level of the athletes: Beginners, recreational athletes, competitive amateurs and athletes who frequently participate in top level competitions.


So what do we offer?

As a member of Aarhus 1900 TRI, you can receive a regular, structured set of training sessions, suited to any ability level from complete triathlon beginners to elite-level athletes. All sessions are coached by an experienced trainer, and are split into groups based on ability, with a program specifically tailoured for each group. Coaches (and other members) are more than happy to explain programs in English


Members can participate in the following coached training sessions each week:
  • Swim training up to 9 times a week all year round, with additional summer open water training in Aarhus Bay.

  • Cycling training two times a week in the summer and once a week during the winter, with additional indoor spinning sessions during the winter.

  • Triathlon specific running training once a week 

  • Trail run training once a week

  • Mountainbike training once a week

  • Triathlon for kids. Also with a permanent trainer - part of a youth network with young people from Aarhus 1900 Atletik og Motion and Lyseng swim team.

  • Additional training sessions for the Teen Team (“Aarhus 1900 Ungdom”) and training weekends spread throughout the year for U20’s.


Additional membership benefits:
  • Training get-togethers. Weekends focusing on intensive yet fun training for all members, spread out over the year

  • Opportunity to attend the annual club training camp

  • High quality club race and training clothing at a favourable price

  • A well-functioning elite environment with personalised training programs, but also a friendly environment for beginners and amateurs!

  • The club also focuses on social aspects and invites its members to evenings in its own clubhouse where there are expert lectures related to sports, exercise, nutrition, competitions, etc.

  • Advice, guidance and good discounts from the club's partners

  • A blast of a Christmas party!

  • Licence for the Danish Triathlon Federation

  • Membership of the Danish Swimming Federation

  • Membership of the Danish Cycling Union

  • Aarhus 1900 Triathlon is a part of the main association Aarhus 1900, which has branches in many different sports.


Aarhus 1900 Triathlon on Facebook

You can also find us on Facebook. The club's official site is called “Aarhus 1900 Triathlon”.

For all paying members, there is a closed group “Aarhus 1900 Triathlon (kun for medlemmer)”, which you can join, once you have paid the membership fee. News and events are posted here, as well as members inviting others on a spontaneous bike ride or advertising clothing / equipment for sale.

For the club's female triathletes, there is also the group “Aarhus 1900 Tri piger”. This group acts as an internal forum for the club's female members to coordinate extra training, discuss races and equipment, and so on.

NOTE: The Facebook page is public, but you must be approved by the group administrator to join the two groups.


Membership fees

Half year triathlon membership: 1.400 DKK.

Half year duathlon membership: 625 DKK.

Discounts apply for the triathlon membership if you are 23 years or younger


Like to try?

If you would like to try out our training sessions, or if you have any questions, please send an email to our head coach, Line Bonde, at and she will get back as soon as possible.

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